Tuesday, January 27, 2009

in the works

Ok, well as promised, here is the first of the "giant flowers" series...this baby still isn't finished but it is getting there. Close enough to make it up on the blog to prove that i'm follwing through with my plans...for now that is.

This was taken with my camera phone so excuse the poor quality.

More to come...or not, we'll see how it goes.

-Miss Noncommittal

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year Everybody

Sorry for the long hiatus, Trevor and I have just returned from our tour of the southeast, whew! After adding another 2,600 miles to my car and not sleeping in our beds for nearly 2 weeks we are glad to be home.

Sure did have some good holiday fun and collected some excellent holiday loot as well. I returned home with almost 20 new canvases! 9 of them are 24" x 36" which I'm super excited about.

I think i'm going to take at least 1/2 of the big ones and do a series of giant flower/plant close ups similar to this piece i completed last fall.
And yes, I will be channeling O'Keefe during this exercise. Of course now that i've mentioned my plan in blogland, that most likely means that it will be changing, so we'll just hold our breath and see what happens.
In other news, my website www.brianaelizabeth.com is slowly progressing. Some of the kinks have been worked out and hopefully we'll have some new art on there soon.
peace out blogworld.
your's truly,